Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software interface, David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy, 4th Edition, Elsevier, 2009.

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David A. Patterson | John L. Hennessy

MRP: 648
PRICE: 540

Fundamentals of Digital Circuits

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Kumar A. Anand

MRP: 550
PRICE: 480

Programming With Java: A Primer – 3rd Ed. – TMH E. Balagurusamy

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E. Balagurusamy

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PRICE: 620

JAVA How to Program by Deitel and Deitel.

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P.Deitel | H.Deitel.

MRP: 889
PRICE: 635

Java 2.0 Complete Reference by H. Schildt, McGrawHill

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H. Schildt | McGrawHill

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PRICE: 950

The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup, Adisson Wesley

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Stroustrup | Adisson Wesley

MRP: 899
PRICE: 660

Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein.

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Thomas H. Cormen | Charles E. Leiserson | Ronald L. Rivest | Clifford Stein.

MRP: 995
PRICE: 680

Data Structures

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S. Lipschutz.

MRP: 697
PRICE: 690

Data Structures in C

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Aaron M. Tenenbaum.

MRP: 719
PRICE: 540

Fundamentals of Data Structures of C

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Ellis Horowitz | Sartaj Sahni | Susan Anderson-freed

MRP: 425
PRICE: 349

“Data Structures And Program Design In C”, 2/E by.

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Robert L. Kruse | Bruce P. Leung

MRP: 689
PRICE: 595

Workshop Technology (Vol- I and II)

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MRP: 270
PRICE: 228

Fluid Mechanics

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A.K. Jain | Khanna Publishers.

MRP: 415
PRICE: 400


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Sonntag Borgnakke Van Wylen

MRP: 689
PRICE: 620

Quantum Physics of Atoms , Molecules, Solids, Nuclei and particles

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Eisberg and Resnick

MRP: 859
PRICE: 750

Optics Ajoy Ghak

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Ajoy Ghak

MRP: 400
PRICE: 339

Atomic Physics (modern Physics) 1st Edition ( S. N. Ghoshal)

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S. N. Ghoshal

MRP: 600
PRICE: 520


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Bhatt, N.D

MRP: 320
PRICE: 315

Elements of Strength of Materials 5th Edition

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Timoshenko | Young, E W P

MRP: 230
PRICE: 220

Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) 5th Edition ( S. Timoshenko, Sukumar Pati, D. H. Young, J. V. Rao)

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S. Timoshenko, Sukumar Pati, D. H. Young

MRP: 675
PRICE: 670